Femdom Empire Video – Fucked Slave

Another fresh week and time for a brand new femdom empire video today too. As we promised we have another sexy video for you to see and of course it contains more of what you just adore to see. Just like last week’s video, this is one amazing compilation video to watch and it’s as hot or dare we say even hotter than the last one you got to see. Take your time to enjoy a nice treat with more ladies that this time, get to fuck the males nice and hard in the ass with their huge and hard strap on dildos and having fun with it too. So let’s not delay any longer and get the show on the road as you just need to see this whole collection unfold. And do make sure that you don’t miss a single second of this amazing and superb femdomempire video today everyone okay?

First off you get to see a guy tied to a gate and his two mistresses taking their time to have some fun with his ass as they fuck him against it. Then you get to see a short haired blonde as she gets to have some fun with her man as well as she ties him up and then goes to town on his ass with her big and eager dildo too. After that you get to see two police babes as they do a cavity search on a dude that quickly turns into a ass fingering as well. And many many more scenes like that can be seen in this video today. So if you want to enjoy seeing guys take it nice and hard in the ass from beautiful ladies do take your time to enjoy this fine video here. Do make sure to check out the past updates for some more amazing and fresh updates too with lots of sexy mistresses as well!

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Femdom Empire – Foot Worshiping Video

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome back. For this new femdom empire scene we do have more special things to show off. And this week you are greeted by an amazing and hot video that you can enjoy. The treat consists of a compilation of sexy mistresses as they get to milk some nice and hard cocks out of all their jizz for this one and we know that you will enjoy watching it too. Let’s take the time to enjoy these gorgeous ladies working hard on their sex toys and those cocks and let’s watch them enjoying themselves. You can expect to see some more amazing videos in the future as well, but do take your time to have fun with this one as you will get to see these babes at work.

As the cameras roll and our little compilation video starts off, it’s clear from the start that this is one amazing and hot foot worshiping video. But like we said, it’s not your run off the mill one either as in this video you get to watch the babes working those cocks as well until they shoot their loads too. Take your time to watch one babe after the other start off slowly as they make the guys moan in pleasure at the whole thing and then see them continuing until they make the guys unload their jizz loads all over their sexy feet too. You can see it on their faces that they were really happy about it as well and we hope you will too. See you soon with many more femdomempire scenes and like we said, we hope you enjoyed this one a lot everyone. Bye bye for now!

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Sexy Mistress Anissa Kate

It’s truly a special day today everyone. If you wonder why, the answer is rather simple really, that’s because the mistress in this femdomempire scene is just the most amazing babe that you can see. Her name is Anissa Kate and we’re positive that you have heard that name a lot of times until now. So today, it’s her turn to have some fun with a male sex slave and it’s a treat to watch her in action. And she’s quite classy about her outfits as well. So rest assured that in this scene you will get to see just what she’s about without delay. You will see her have as much fun as she wants with the guy and sure enough there’s no protests from him about it either. And how could you when you have a beauty like Kate demanding that you obey her every word too.


The cameras start rolling and first thing that you get to see, is miss Kate as she gets to start playing with her male sex slave at Porn Insights. As you can observe, she was wearing quite the sexy and hot latex outfit as well that fit perfectly with this whole thing. She has him undress, and she starts to taunt him as she grabs his cock and balls with her slutty little hand too. That soon starts to turn into a hand job as this babe is very eager to test his stamina for this femdom empire session.


Then you will get to watch her make him kneel and start worship her nice ass as well. And that’s something he doesn’t hesitate doing as getting on the wrong on this babe is the last thing that our stud wants to do today. Enjoy it and have fun with it and do drop by next week as well for more new and hot scenes! See another dominatrix whore, pleasuring her guy over here!


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Femdom Empire – Alexis Grace and Alison Tyler

Hey there again everyone. Time to get to see some more of the two babes that you just adore. And namely the two are Alexis and Alison. You just loved them last time they got to appear on camera and today they are back with a vengeance sort of say as they want to do an encore just for you. Click here and take a look at the last scene that these two babes were part of as well and see them as they get to have their fun with this guy as well as another stud for the day. You will get to see them have all the fun that they want and that can serve as a nice little prologue to what they were going to do with this guy as well. Well let’s see the Femdom Empire action already as we know that you are eager to see them play with their man toy once more this fine day today too!


These two babes also just love enjoying a nice tease session with this smaller guy. Yes, they were wearing high heels, but even without, they’d still tower him easily. Anyway, they put him between them just to emphasize their size compared to him some more and rest assured that even this guy is more than happy to let himself on the hands of these two lovely and sexy mistresses. They have him laying on their laps as they take a seat on the couch, and as one of them holds his head close to her chest and caresses his head, the other babe starts to work on his cock with her expert hands. Sit back and watch as the beauty does one nice number on him stroking his hard cock until she makes him blow his jizz load too. Let’s hope we’ll see them again in the future with more scenes!


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Femdom Empire – Mistress Cherie DeVille Ass Worship

Cherie DeVille is today’s superb and sexy Femdom Empire mistress and boy, does she have some superb scenes to show off to you today too. As you know, most of the babes around here are very dominant and they like their men to follow proper orders too. Well miss Cherie here is a very special and sexy mistress that loves to do the same thing. Though she does have this nice style to comfort them and praise them for doing a great job after she is completely done with them. Well let’s get to see her as she gets to have some fun with this stud for the afternoon and let’s watch her disciplining him as much as she feels like in her scene. We can guarantee that you will love it and that you will want to see much more of her and her scenes.

Anyway, let’s just enjoy her current one. The femdomempire scene begins and as many babes here, the lovely woman was wearing some sexy and enticing latex clothes on her persona today. And as you can see, it served to make her look super sexy and eager to dominate her sub today. Speaking of which, she had his face planted firmly between her legs right from the start of this amazing scene. She does love letting him try and play with her pussy and ass as she dictates the rhythm. Well after that ass and pussy worshiping, the sexy babe decided that it was time for her boots to be taken care of too, so you get to see her whip his ass as she licks her shoes squeaky clean today too. We do hope you enjoyed your stay and we’ll see you soon once more with all new scenes and of course, many more amazing and hot babes!


Mistress Cherie DeVille

Watch here this mean mistress whipping her slave’s ass!

Mistresses Alexis Grace and Alison Tyler

Another fresh week and time for one more new and hot Femdom Empire scene to show off today to you guys. As always you know that here you can find the sexiest and hottest mistresses having fun with their male sex slaves. And in this week’s scene we decided to bring you another killer duo that will entice you with their simply amazing and hot scene today too. The names of our sexy and hot would be mistresses are Alexis Grace and Alison Tyler and you got to see both of them at work in the past as well. Well in this new and hot scene you can watch them in action once more as they play with a sexy stud each. You can also check out Miss Callie and her scene as well if you want to see some more naughty and hot scenes with babes just like these two.

Amazon Mistresses Alexis Grace

As the cameras start to roll, the beauties make their entry as well. And as you can clearly see, both of them were head to toe clad in latex and ready to have fun. And they had the guys ready as well as they were following our two FemdomEmpire babes around on all fours. To start off, you get to see our lovely babes as they get to be naughty and play with the stud’s nice and hard cocks and balls as they tease them too. Well they sure took the time to do that properly and after that you know what was going to follow. The guys would be in for a nice and hard ass fucking from them and they had no say in it either. Sit back and watch the two amazing babes as they use some nice and big toys to play with their men some more today and as per usual, we’ll see you next week with more!

slave boys and control them

See these nasty mistresses playing with their slaves!

Femdom Empire presents Mistress Raven Bay

This new week is here and you are about to see another sexy little babe at work today here at Femdom Empire. Her name is Raven Bay and she is a brunette that likes to toy with guys and their nice and tight asses too. It seems that miss Raven got to pick up a nice stud at the club tonight and she decided to take him back to her place for a little bit more fun as well. What this lucky stud doesn’t know is that this babe is a true beast in bed in every sense of the word and she always enjoys being very dominant over the guys that she gets it on with. Well rather more the guys that she gets to anally fuck with her massive dildo. Anyway, let’s get to see her in femdomempire action as you get to watch her pulling out a nice little surprise on this stud for this nice evening today.

When they get into her room the babe locks the door behind them. She doesn’t want the guy running away. Well he took off his pants in anticipation, but it seems that the babe had other plans. As he lay on the bed the babe put on her strap on dildo and shows him that her toy is bigger and that will entitle her to have fun with his ass tonight, not the other way around. Even though a bit surprised, the guy seemed to enjoy the idea and went with it. Well she just turned him over and planted that dildo in his nice and fine ass. Sit back and watch her as she gets to ass fuck him fast and hard for this scene and enjoy it. We have a feeling that you will be seeing much more of this naughty and sexy babe in the future as well everyone. See you soon!



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Mistress August Ames

Today’s sexy and hot femdom empire mistress is a babe by the name August Ames and she’s one luscious little lady that simply delights enforcing her will on the men that she gets to have fun with too. Much like the amazingly hot and sexy Chanel Preston, this babe likes to see her men totally worshipping her and doing whatever she wants them to do without question too. So take your time to see her as she gets to take her time teaching this guy how to properly worship her today too. If he doesn’t perform to her expectations, this babe is sure to punish him harshly as well so you can bet that he’s really motivated to do whatever she sais in this nice evening scene too. Let’s not waste time and see her at play with him today shall we guys and gals?

Mistress August Ames

The scene starts off with her sitting on her queen worthy golden chair and she is waiting for him to make his way to her feet from across the room. She was in the mood to play and the guy would be her toy today too. As you can observe, the little beauty was wearing a nice and sexy little pink Latex outfit and she was going to take her time teasing him with it too as she went around posing for him and telling him to keep eyes on just her as she posed seductively and kinky. You can also get to see her making this poor guy lick her sexy feet and kiss them too as the ultimate show of submission to her too. We know that you’ll enjoy it and we will return next week once more femdomempire with all new and hot scenes for you guys to see too. Have fun with it!

Check out this mistress getting her feet worshiped!

Femdom Empire – Mistress Brooklyn Chase

Hey there once more everyone and welcome back to an all new and hot Femdom Empire scene today as usual. We know that you have heard the name Brooklyn Chase around here before and if you did then you know all that you need to know about this sexy babe. If you’re just now joining us, well, all you need to know, is that miss Chase is a babe that likes to keep a firm grip on everything and she has a passion to bend men’s wills to her command as much as she can as well. This guy was one such guy that was very resistant towards her, but that would soon change as well. No guy has went through a afternoon with miss Chase here without submitting to her rule one way or the other by the end. So let’s watch her having some more fun with him!


When her nice and hot scene begins, you get to see her taking the guy to the center of the room as he was still crawling on all fours as well. She makes him watch her as she presents the cameras and you with her lovely outfit and you even get to see her tease her pussy a bit by rubbing it. Well in the end he’s going to be the one doing her work for her too. Anyway, she them straps his balls to a device that she uses to make him unable to move. Then she takes out her nice little whip and she starts to slap his naughty ass as he moans. Of course, he was enjoying this and the mistress knew it full well. Have fun with this fresh and hot scene everyone, and as always come back next week for another amazing and fresh update with new and hot scenes and hot and horny babes too!


Check out this poor slave getting whipped by his mistress!

Femdom Empire – Mistress Callie Calypso

Hey there guys, today we bring you more nice and hot Femdom Empire scenes as always. And this fine day you get to see the superbly hot and horny mistress named Callie Calypso as she gets to have fun with her male sex toy as well this afternoon too. She’s a mistress that also adores wearing kinky outfits just to be a cock tease for the guys and as you can see it certainly worked as she had this guy rock hard as soon as she brought him in and he got to see her outfit today. Anyway, we can say that this is one scene that you will just adore today so make sure to watch each and every image for this great show as you will see the lovely woman playing with the guy’s nice and firmly tight ass all afternoon long just for the cameras and you. So let’s not delay.

Mistress Callie Calypso dildo-fucks her slave

As you can see, her sexy little outfit was composed of leather straps and sexy tight latex that was a candy orange in color too. As all the scenes in the past went, this one has the guy coming into the picture too after you got to see her present her goods. Well like we said, he was instantly hard when he laid eyes on this gorgeous woman and her sexy outfit today. Well tough luck for him as he’d be the one on the receiving end all afternoon long today. Watch the lady tying him up nice and tight to her little fuck table in a bent over position today and see her making her entry into his ass with her nice and big dildo. Watch her fuck him hard and fast all day long and enjoy the amazing show. We’ll be back next week with fresh femdomempire content as always!

Mistress Callie Calypso

Check out this sexy mistress dildo-fucking her slave!