Babe Torturing And Humiliating Her Slave!

Another fresh week and time for another Femdom Empire scene to be brought to you for your viewing pleasure. As always we have a guy that gets himself in a pinch. Well he’s not at fault with anything today but it seems that the horny mistress was feeling in a rather playful mood and so he was forced to become her little sex toy for the day today. She sis everything she wanted to the poor guy as he was all bound and had no choice to submit to her every desire for this incredible scene for today!


In the beginning like most dominatrix’s that we have here she takes him to the room where she does a fine job to tie him up to the red satin couch as she also puts a mouth gag on his mouth so that he may not speak at all. And once she has him unable to move at all she starts doing her thing teasing him with her hot and sexy nude body. Watch her as she starts to stroke his cock until she makes him blow his load all over himself today. We hope you enjoyed your stay and we also hope to see you again next week guys!

See this mean babe torturing and humiliating her slave!