Mistress Brooklyn Chase Whipping Slave Balls

Hey there once more everyone and welcome back to an all new and hot Femdom Empire scene today as usual. We know that you have heard the name Brooklyn Chase around here before and if you did then you know all that you need to know about this sexy babe. If you’re just now joining us, well, all you need to know, is that miss Chase is a babe that likes to keep a firm grip on everything and she has a passion to bend men’s wills to her command as much as she can as well. This guy was one such guy that was very resistant towards her, but that would soon change as well. No guy has went through a afternoon with miss Chase here without submitting to her rule one way or the other by the end. So let’s watch her having some more fun with him!


When her nice and hot scene begins, you get to see her taking the guy to the center of the room as he was still crawling on all fours as well. She makes him watch her as she presents the cameras and you with her lovely outfit and you even get to see her tease her pussy a bit by rubbing it. Well in the end he’s going to be the one doing her work for her too. Anyway, she them straps his balls to a device that she uses to make him unable to move. Then she takes out her nice little whip and she starts to slap his naughty ass as he moans. Of course, he was enjoying this and the mistress knew it full well. Have fun with this fresh and hot scene everyone, and as always come back next week for another amazing and fresh update with new and hot scenes and hot and horny babes too!


Check out this poor slave getting whipped by his mistress!

Actors: Brooklyn Chase