Tortured and Abused

Hey there again guys, Femdom Empire is here yet again with another superb scene. This fine day we have the mistress that you may recall from a few updates ago coming back along with her sex slave as she has another thing to show off. Today he was really good and that called for some rewarding. That reward, was that he would be able to get to stick his dick inside her as she fucks him just how she wants to riding him hard style. Without any more delays let’s sit back and enjoy the duo do their thing this time!

When the scene starts, just like last time she drags him back to her room with the red satin couch. This time she does not tie him up however and just has him sit on his back while she climbs on top of him. He knows that he’s not suppose to take control as she is the one who dictates the sex session. Watch her as she rides his cock moaning as the big cock fucks her pussy good. Let’s hope that the guy will receive more rewards in the future as the mistress herself seemed to be enjoying herself allot. Have fun watching the entire update and if you liked it click here and watch other nasty mistresses in action!


See this babe torturing and abusing her submissive slave!