Mistress Vanessa Cage

As you know, this site is the number one go to place if you want to see some very naughty things go down along with some sexy and hot babes too. And keeping true to the tradition we have more superb and hot scenes with female domination to show off to you guys today. We bring you the sexy and lovely babe named Vanessa Cage as she gets around to show off her amazing and hot body along with her tease scene with her sex slave this afternoon and as per usual you get front row seats to the amazing sex show as well. So let’s take the time to see another amazing and sexy blonde as she gets to have as much fun as she wants with this lucky stud for this afternoon shall we? we know that you are eager to see him in her care too.

One thing that you need to know about miss Cage here is that she’s a true expert when it comes to behaving like a mistress. And she just loves her men submissive and under her control. This guy more than fits the bill as he seems willing to do whatever she wants as he was charmed by her beauty and sexy body, not just her authoritarian personality. As the cameras roll, you can see the stud tied up with his hands in the air, and all naked. And with his cock all exposed and such, the cutie had free range to play with his hard cock as much as she wants today too. Watch her stroke his cock and enjoy seeing this busty babe as she gets to jerk off her male slave as she taunts him with her dirty talking as well. We know you’ll love it and we’ll see you soon!


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Femdom Empire – Mistress Gigi Allens

Another fresh week and time to see one more luscious and sexy lady in action for this one. For today you get to see the absolute sexy blonde beauty named Gigi Allens and how she likes to take care of her unruly men. She’s quite the tease too as she just adores to wear luscious clothing and drive guys up the walls crazy with her devilish good looks too. So let’s get to see the action go down with them without delay this fine afternoon shall we? You can bet that there’s quite a lot to see this babe do this scene and make sure that you do not miss a single image in her superb and hot gallery today. Let the cameras roll and let’s see our naughty and sexy mistress as she gets to have fun with this lucky guy this nice and fresh scene shall we?


No one knows exactly what this guy did to incur the mistresses’ wrath today but he sure got what he was coming to him. That, or the mistress just decided to be naughty and kinky out of the blue and he just happened to be in the line of fire sort of speak. Whatever the case, this babe was all ready to play with his ass and you would get to see it today in all it’s glory. Watch her tie his hands up behind his back and then watch her hoist him up on the chains. Once she does that she prepares her strap on dildo and she does tell him that she’ll be going in deep today in his ass. Well he seemed to have started enjoying it eventually, which made the babe even more zealous about fucking him faster and harder too. Have fun with it today!


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Mistress Riley Reid

Hey there once more guys and gals and welcome to an all new and fresh femdomempire update as always. For this new scene you get to see the cutie named Riley Reid as she takes the role of a naughty and kinky mistress and you can watch her having lots of fun with her sex slave for this nice afternoon today. Let’s take the time to see her as she gets around to have some fun with her sex slave this afternoon and watch her how she likes to reward good behavior from him when she has the chance to. And of course, that involves some nice and big and thick toys and ample use of lube and his nice and tight ass. So let’s get to it as we know you want to see the little babe in action for this one as well everyone. Let the cameras roll today!

The cameras start to roll and our lovely and sexy petite mistress comes into the picture. She brings the guy along after herself and as the scene goes on, you can watch miss Riley as she also puts on a nice and sexy teasing show for this guy with her lovely and sexy body as well. Take your time to watch her play with his cock as well as she has him tied up and drives him crazy too. Well all that toying comes to an abrupt end, when your lovely babe takes out her strap on dildo. The guy knew what this meant and so, you can see him bend over for her and getting ready to take it in the ass today. Watch as the cute and sexy babe Riley goes to town on that ass and enjoy seeing her fuck this guy silly with her sex toy for the afternoon. We hope you’ll be here soon for more!


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Femdom Empire – Alexis and Lexi

We come back this fine day today with some more new and fresh female domination scene. And in this superb scene, you get to see two very lovely ladies as they get to have their fun with a single guy for the afternoon. And you can bet that the babes sure took their time to enjoy it as well. We can say for sure that any guy coming across these two little mistresses would gladly let them do whatever they want to them. Anyway, let’s get to it and see these babes in action as they get to have some sweet fun shall we? It’s a nice little scene and we know that you will be desiring to see more as well of them. So let’s not delay and see them having some hard style fun with their male sex slave for this afternoon today. We know you are eager to see it too!Alexis Grace and Lexi Sindel playing with their slave

As the scene starts off, you get to see our busty little beauties as they make their entries and both Alexis and Lexi were wearing some nice and sexy latex and leather outfits too. The brunette was dressed in a sexy and bright red outfit, while her little babe of of a buddy was wearing black leather. After they made their intro to the scene, you can see the guy come in the picture too and he was already eagerly waiting to be tied up by them. After that was done as well, you can watch the babes strap on some nice and big dildos and they get straight to business on the guy. They take turns to fuck his nice and tight ass with the toys, and of course, you get to see everything that goes down with a luxurious detail too. So have some fun with it and do come back next week for more new and hot updates!

Alexis Grace and Lexi Sindel

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Mistress Chanel Preston

We are back once more with all new hot and sexy scenes for you guys to see. And this week we bring you the superb and luscious mistress Chanel Preston as she gets to have fun roughing up a nice and tight ass belonging to a naughty guy. Oh, he managed to upset her a great deal today and so she was going to deliver some punishment to him the hard way as you will see. Of course, that meant she needed to pull out her nice and big black dildo to use on his ass and he was really happy to have the honor to be anally pounded by this amazing and sexy babe today too. So let’s take our time to see them in action without delay this fine day everyone. It’s one scene that you will surely enjoy and adore and we hope that it will be to your liking too.

As the scene starts off, the babe wants to show off just how hot and sexy her outfit is by parading her womanly curves for the camera and you guys as well today. Then you can see her bringing the guy in by the leash that she put on him and she starts preparing him for the next part. She puts on her nice and big strap on dildo and you can watch her as she gets to anally tease him with the tip before she goes in all the way too. So take your time to watch her as she gets to fuck this guy nice and deep in the ass today too. You can see him moan in pleasure as this sexy mistress fucks him doggie style all day long and we hope that you will be able to see her again at work in the future as well. And with this naughty guy that’s a clear possibility too. Enjoy it!


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Femdom Empire Video – Hardcore Scene

Hey there. It’s time for another Femdom Empire video to be presented jut to you. And today you get to enjoy another superb scene with a smoking hot mistress that aims to torture and tease her man slut today just for your enjoyment. Well for your enjoyment to punish him for the bad deeds that he did during the day. You didn’t think she does things just for others to enjoy now did you. So let’s sit back and watch her do her thing in this incredible video today. We guarantee that you’ll simply adore it.

As all our scenes start, you can see the guy entering the FemdomEmpire set knowing that he’s going to be in for some serious punishment. Then he gets to wait around as the mistress thinks what would be an appropriate punishment for him. She thinks that what he did calls for some harsh measure and she pulls out a device that she straps onto the guy’s cock and balls. Then you can see her teasing his dick for the remainder of the video as she tortures him. Enjoy and check the past updates as well everyone.

See this mean mistress torturing her slave’s hard cock!

Femdom Empire Video – Mean Mistress

Another fresh week and another awesome Femdom Empire video update. This fine day with this video we bring you one superb and mean mistress that aims to tease her man slut as much as possible in this fine day and this superb video. We’re sure that it will be to your liking when you’ll see just what she did to the poor guy in this scene. As you may remember we told you that we’d bring you some awesome female domination scenes in every week’s gallery and we think that we kept our promise so far.

The only thing you have to do to support us in the future is to just keep on coming back every week to enjoy the content. But let’s get back to our little scene today. This blonde lady does one fine job to torture her sex slave as she doesn’t even let him stick his cock in her pussy, she just grinds on it until the guy blows his load all over himself and then she cruelly dismisses him. As always we’ll be back next week with more fresh content and we hope that you enjoyed your stay for today. Bye bye and see you next time!

See this hot babe torturing and humiliating her slave!

Tortured and Abused

Hey there again guys, Femdom Empire is here yet again with another superb scene. This fine day we have the mistress that you may recall from a few updates ago coming back along with her sex slave as she has another thing to show off. Today he was really good and that called for some rewarding. That reward, was that he would be able to get to stick his dick inside her as she fucks him just how she wants to riding him hard style. Without any more delays let’s sit back and enjoy the duo do their thing this time!

When the scene starts, just like last time she drags him back to her room with the red satin couch. This time she does not tie him up however and just has him sit on his back while she climbs on top of him. He knows that he’s not suppose to take control as she is the one who dictates the sex session. Watch her as she rides his cock moaning as the big cock fucks her pussy good. Let’s hope that the guy will receive more rewards in the future as the mistress herself seemed to be enjoying herself allot. Have fun watching the entire update and if you liked it click here and watch other nasty mistresses in action!


See this babe torturing and abusing her submissive slave!

Hot Mistress in Action

We told you that you won’t want to miss these latest femdom empire scenes guys. Today we bring you another mistress taking advantage of her male sex slaves while she has her fun teasing them as much as she wants. This naughty blonde bought herself a small and sexy little purple metallic bikini and she calls in her sex slave dude to admire and worship her new outfit today. If there’s one thing that this sexy mistress knows what to do is to tease the hell out of her slaves every time she gets a chance to do so.


Let’s sit back and watch this update where this sexy and sizzling hot woman makes her little man slut worship her new swimsuit and feet. As she calls him in he obediently follows her orders and comes inside the room. She inquires if he likes what he sees, to which he responds favorably. And now that she got what she wanted it was time for him to have the privilege to lick her feet as a reward. Enjoy as always guys and come back again in the following week when we’ll have more fresh content for you! For similar scenes cum inside http://houseoftaboo.org/ website and have fun! See you soon!

See this hot babe forcing her slave to lick her feet!

FemdomEmpire – Rough Treatment

Hey there again everyone, FemdomEmpire is back again with yet another super hot update just for your viewing pleasure. Today we bring you a mistress that also has a very unruly and un submissive little man slut on her hands and she simply must do something about it before it gets out of control and the guy thinks that he can always talk back and treat his mistress badly. So let’s not waste any more time and watch what she has in mind to discipline this little naughty man slut for this fine afternoon guys, and let’s enjoy the show.

As the Femdom Empire cameras start shooting the lady takes the guy with her to her basement where she keeps all of her “pleasing” equipment when the situation calls for such things. The guy sure gets a bit scared when she ties him to the table and stars pulling out all kinds of freakish things. So without further due, sit back and watch this sexy woman torturing her slave’s balls and cock just for your viewing pleasure in today’s gallery. Stay tuned for the next updates guys, you won’t want to miss them. Don’t forget that you can find similar videos inside http://divinebitches.org/ website so check it out and have fun!


See this inked mistress torturing her submissive slave!